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Question:  We've been on ghost tours where people jump out of a bush and the whole tour was more like a Disney attraction than a ghost tour.  Do your tours do this?
Answer:  Oahu Ghost Tours does not stage or pre-arrange any events that may occur at any site.  There are no actors, and no trickery of any kind involved with what we do or with what you may see or hear at the sites we visit. 
Question: Can we drive our own cars on your tours?
Answer: Guests may use their own vehicles to meet us at Iolani Palace for our Honolulu City Haunts walking tour only.  When booking this tour if you would like this option, select "Iolani Palace" from the Accommodation Information pull-down menu during the booking process.  Due to insurance regulations and Oahu Ghost Tours policy we do not allow guests to use their own vehicles on our Orbs of Oahu or Sacred Spirits tours.
Question: Can we bring a flashlight on your tours?
Answer: Of course you can.  We ask however that at sites where the conditions are right for activity that you turn the lights completely off or dim when gathered in a group or circle together.  Lights should be used to help illuminate the walking path.  If there are two guests with flashlights, we ask that one come up from behind and light the trail for those in the rear of the group. Flashlights are highly recommended on our Orbs of Oahu tour.
Question: Can we bring a camera on the tours?
Answer: While we have no problem with cameras on the tours, we do ask that you be courteous to other guests who do not bring cameras so that their own personal experience is not diminished.  While attempting to catch something in a camera lens, this practice can be considered disrespectful to some guests and to the spirits themselves.  If you choose to bring a camera, please always ask permission of the spirits before you take a picture of them and also try and be courteous of other guests.
Question: Do you cancel your tours when it rains?
Answer: Rarely do we cancel a tour due to inclement weather.  If there is heavy rain within one hour prior to the start of pickups, or there is lightening, we will cancel a tour due to the potential of sites not being accessible because of flooding and for safety concerns.  If we cancel a tour, guests are entitled to a full refund, or we may schedule a special makeup tour the next day and ask if you would like to move to that day.  In most cases, rain actually adds an extra element of spookiness to the tours.
Question: Can we bring food or drink on your tours?
Answer: While we do not allow food and drink inside our vehicles, you may bring a snack or drink in a small backpack or fanny pack. There will be a stop on the Orbs of Oahu tour for this.  Dutch style lunch stop is provided on our Sacred Spirits day tour.  Absolutely no alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed on any of our tours.
Question:  Do we get out of the vans on your driving tours?
Answer: Yes.  While we must drive to the sites visited on the Orbs of Oahu and Sacred Spirits driving tours, you will exit the van at each site to listen to the story that the guide will tell, as well as have an opportunity to take pictures.  If you have any condition that creates an issue with you getting in and out of a van, or trouble walking any distance, we do not recommend this tour or any of our tours.
Question: Is there a bathroom stop on your tours?
Answer: We tell guests to try and use the restroom prior to getting in our vans, however there is a restroom stop on both the driving and walking tours.
Question:  How much walking is there on your Orbs of Oahu driving tour?
Answer: There is the equivalent of about three city blocks of walking on this tour at two sites.  If you are unable to do any walking at all, you may elect to remain in the van with one of our drivers.
Question: Are children allowed on your tours?
Answer:  While we do allow children on all of our tours, we caution parents about taking children under the age of 10, or those who frighten very easily on our Orbs of Oahu driving tour.  This tour can be very intense and frightening, and parents should use their own good judgment when booking with children.  There are no restrictions on our  Honolulu City Haunts walking tour or our Scared Spirits tour related to children, but we do ask that parents of small children do their best to maintain control of children so that all guests can enjoy the tour.
Question:  Do you offer kama'aina rates for your tours?
Answer: Yes.  We offer kama'aina (Hawaii resident) rates on all of our tours.  Hawaii residents must call us directly to get kama'aina rates.  Proof of residency required.
Question: Our company is planning a group tour with you.  How many guests can you take on your tours as one time?
Answer: We have two 15 passenger vans that can handle 13 guests each.  We also own a 21 passenger mini-bus.   So we can handle up to 47 guests at one time. 
Question: Do you offer private tours?
Answer: Yes.  Please contact us for additional information. 



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