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Oahu Ghost Tours® is a subsidiary of The Real Hawaii Eco-Cultural Excursions, a company that has provided authentic Native Hawaiian eco-cultural excursions on O'ahu since 1999.  We operate our tours year round.  We specialize in Hawaii's haunted and supernatural, both past and present.  Our tours are not scripted, commercialized, or rehearsed.  They are in the raw, and no two tours are ever alike. We are not a jack of all trades tour company.  Ghost tours are what we specialize in, and ghost tours are all we do. 

Hawaiians are known to be superstitious and rightfully so.  From witnessing firsthand the Fire Goddess, Pele, to close encounters with Night Marchers while hunting wild boar at night, many Hawaiians are today still very much entrenched in these legends.

Oahu is said to be one of the most haunted islands in the world and is akin to Savannah, Georgia, New Orleans, Louisiana  and St. Augustine, Florida with its share of ghost sightings and stories.  Oahu Ghost Tours® offers some of O'ahu's most haunted locations to visitors to see and come to their own conclusions.   Our guides are some of the best in the spiritual world at identifying supernatural activity and are also acclaimed storytellers.  Guides that conduct a ghost tour must be more than just "guides".  They have to believe in what that are doing, and what a ghost tour is all about.  All of our guides have had personal experiences with the supernatural and have a deep respect and understanding for what they have experienced in their own lives.  Oahu Ghost Tours® guides take guests back to the time when many of the happy, sad or dreadful events, that created these sites as haunts, took place. 

Tours are offered Monday through Saturday nights.  There are pickup spots located conveniently in Waikiki near most hotels.  Just in case the spirits are aware of our presence and restless when we visit, bringing a camera is recommended. 

Oahu Ghost Tours® is excited to have you with us, and we hope that your stay in Hawai'i will be memorable.  Happy haunting!   





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