Oahu Ghost Tours provides ghost tours of reputed haunted sites on the island of Oahu.  Some of these sites are very intense and frightening by nature.  Oahu Ghost Tours shall not be held responsible for guests who are unable to continue or complete our tours due to the affects of these sites.  We will offer to arrange a taxicab back to Waikiki or to the guest's preferred destination at guest's expense if the need arises.  Oahu Ghost Tours shall not be held responsible for guests who choose not to stay with the tour, or not take recommended taxicab or transportation services back to Waikiki or the destination of their choice.  Guests may also remain in the van at each site if they prefer until our final return back to Waikiki.

Oahu Ghost Tours requires guests to follow safety rules as indicated by guides.  For your protection as well as ours, and to satisfy stringent insurance regulations, ALL guests are required to read and sign a Release of Liability form prior to entering our vehicles to begin your tour.   Due to the fact that tours are conducted at night, and in some places in total darkness, we must insist for the safety of our guests, and our guides, that guests remain together in a group and in close proximity to guide AT ALL TIMES

NO alcoholic beverages are allowed on any of our tours.  Guests can also be refused entry into our vehicles if they are noticeably intoxicated or are causing issues with other guests.  Guests who are noticeably intoxicated or that bring alcohol on our tours will be dropped off at a location during the tour and not allowed to continue.  It will be that person's responsibility to call a cab back to Waikiki.  Guests are not entitled to any refund nor are they entitled to a reschedule of their tour in this instance.

Some locations visited are considered to be extremely sacred to Native Hawaiians.  Your guides, being Hawaiian, will instruct  you on the correct protocol to be used at these sites.  Out of respect for the site and the Hawaiian people, please DO NOT stand on, remove, or relocate any rock formations.  Hawaiians consider this kapu (forbidden).  Please treat these places with the same respect that you would any sacred ground.

While we do not currently restrict children or seniors on any of our tours, we do strongly recommend that children under 10 do not be present on the Orbs of Oahu driving tour as parts of this tour are very intense and can be extremely frightening to young children.  We urge parents to use their own good judgment if booking this tour with children.   Children and parents may elect to remain in the van at these sites.   As we conduct ghost tours, many of the stories told can graphic in nature and may not be suitable for children.  In relation to seniors or others who have problems walking or doing so on uneven terrain, as well as getting in and out of a van, we would recommend you not take our tours.

As with any ghost tour, there is no guarantee of actually seeing a ghost or spirit in human form.   While we take guests to the places where paranormal activity is known to exist, many times these forms are seen as bright lights or orbs on the camera lens. 










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