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Aloha! I came to Hawaii in 1974 in the midst of the Hawaiian cultural renaissance. Within a couple of years, I worked as a VISTA volunteer with a team designing self-sustaining housing for Native Hawaiians on Mokauea Island off Sand Island. When I became a tour driver in 1980, the visitor industry was developing a true and impactful curriculum to share Hawaiian history and culture. I was deeply fortunate to have two extraordinary mentors for this; Barbara “Bobbie” Mills, who wrote E Malama in 1996, the Ecotourism Manual for Hawaii, and Kumu Tyrone Reinhardt, from whom I learned Hawaiian history and spiritual teachings. When Chicken Skin Stories conferences began in 1981, in awe, I sat at the feet of the elders who shared their stories. I heard Napua Stevens share her experience of the night marchers on her grandmother’s land on the Big Island. I sat riveted as another told the story of Pele in his car as he drove around Waimanalo side. These elders gave us, those who were in their presence, the honor of repeating their stories.

Not long after the Chicken Skin Stories began, I was introduced to ho’oponopono when a practioner guided us during a conflict resolution at work. Although I’d never met Kahuna Lapa'au Morrnah Simeona (original founder of The Foundation of I) before personally, in 1985 when I was waiting in a group of people, she walked right up to me, took my hand in both of hers, pulling me in through her eyes, and said, “Good, you are here.” 

And now, I’m here, sharing the Myths and Legends of Waikiki with guests. During the day, I’m a full-time kupuna to my granddaughter.


Braddah Stevie Brown or "Stevie-B" as friends call him, grew up mostly in a place known as Anianiku. Situated at the ewa base of Puowaina Crater; known today as Punchbowl because of its crater rim shape, Anianiku is an area rooted in Hawaiian myth and legend and also the reason why Stevie was set on the path of Hawaiian mysticism. Early in his youth an encounter with the renowned "Night Marchers" of Punchbowl left an indelible mark that would open the door to his spirituality.  In fact one of Stevie's ghostly encounters was written about in one of the late Glen Grant's books.

Today, as a singer and songwriter, Stevie plays music for visitors and locals at various hot spots mostly on the island of Oahu with his partner Jon Osorio. He has
played with such notable artists as Cecilio and Kapono, Dennis Pavao of Hui Ohana, Teresa Bright and kumu hula Frank Hewitt.

Having travelled all over the world because of his music, there have been numerous encounters with the supernatural across many diverse cultures and religions. Come and share in his experiences with the paranormal that is sure to be insightful and revealing.


Uncle Joe Espinda Jr. is from a little town in south O'ahu called Waimanalo.  Uncle Joe is a product of a proud family of Hawaiians.   Uncle Joe's family has roots back when Hawaii was still a monarchy, and he's proud of that fact.   He's also very in tune to Oahu's spiritual and supernatural side, and has had many experiences himself.

Joe who is multi-talented is also an accomplished musician.   Uncle Joe is session keyboard player backing up Hawaii greats like Butch Helemano and former keyboard player and vocalist with one of Hawaii's leading music groups, Kawao.  Some of Joe's local and national musical influences include Natural Vibes, BET, Elton John, Eagles, Stevie Wonder, Butch Helemano, and Braddah Waltah.

Uncle Joe who is lead guide for Orbs of Oahu, is an expert storyteller with his animated delivery and role playing on his tours as most Hawaiians are, and he's looking forward to taking you on a journey to some of the most haunted sites in all Hawai'i.  He's worked in the tourism industry much of his life. Uncle Joe's natural and very unique storytelling abilities will have you grabbing the person next to you as he tells of the terrible and spooky events that occurred at the places visited.   Uncle Joe is also working on a new book on Hawaii's supernatural and unique stories.


My name is Robert Sepulveda and I was born and raised in the Kapahulu area of Oahu.

I remember back in 1977 or so, Dr. Glen Grant paid a visit to my elementary school and did a presentation that included ghost stories and pictures (some of which are included in his Obake Files book) that really left and impression on me.  This led to my interest in ghosts and other mysteries of our world.  I am a family man with two young children and a beautiful wife who are the light of my life.  I love this tour for not only does it allow me to explore my interests, but also allows me to share it with while meeting many wonderful people.

During the day Robert is a teacher in the Hawaii Public School system.


Aloha, my name is Joe Punohu and I'm a Native of O'ahu, born and raised in Kaneohe on the windward side.  I love telling visitors about the island, as well as comparing and reminiscing with other natives of the island.  I love learning about and experiencing paranormal encounters, and teaching the history behind the hauntings. 

Growing up, I've always been taught to have a certain respect for everything around me, and not to deny the presence of the supernatural occurrences, rather to learn about them and learn from them.   I have had my own personal experiences with the supernatural.

I am also a proud father of two children. 

Joe has been compiling stories and information on the supernatural for many years and hopes one day to sit down and write a book about his experiences.  Until then, he will intrigue you with his accuracy and knowledge of the sites visited.


Oahu Ghost Tours welcomes Wayne Enos to our ohana of experienced guides.  Wayne leads guests on our day tour called Sacred Spirits and is very familiar with the ecology and culture at the sites visited and of the Hawaiian lifestyle.  Wayne is a laid-back local boy from the town of Hauula which is located on the Northeast side of Oahu , who also rocks on stage and loves all styles of music.  His laid back style make for a relaxing and unrushed day on our Sacred Spirits Tour.

Locals may recognize Wayne.  He is also guitarist and one of the principal songwriters for  Natural Vibrations, one of Hawaii's leading reggae bands when he isn't conducting tours for Oahu Ghost Tours.  One of his favorite “Vibe” moments was when Prince jumped on stage with them during a show on Maui.

If you have the good fortune of getting Wayne on your tour, you're in for a real treat from someone who not only loves good music, but nature and the outdoors too.


Kahuna Pahia is our staff Native Hawaiian Kahuna.   A Kahuna in Hawaiian life is the overseer of the structure of Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiian life).  He or she is the keeper of the ancient knowledge, of wisdom and understanding.  Kahuna's are often called upon to perform marriages, funerals, or to spiritually cleanse a person or a place.  The few living Kahuna are the preservers of the ancient Kanaka Maoli, heart and soul.  They are the keepers of the Principle in the paths known and unknown, the Sacred Bridge Builder, the keeper of the Highway beyond road’s end. 

Kahuna Pahia is a Kahuna of love.  Not only is she one of our spiritual advisors, she is also available for private tours as a special added value to our Sacred Spirits day tour.  Contact us for additional information on this.



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