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 loved the ghost tour. And it changed my life. Fascinated by the new Hawaii opened up

I wrote Exploring Lost Hawaii, Places of Power, Mystery, Mystery and Magic, an award winning cultural/travel book.
The ghost tour opened a side of Hawaii I'd never seen or heard of. As soon as I saw ominous Ulupo Heiau at Kailua, I was hooked.  What a strange place! Huge.  Spooky.  And the tour guide had the stories to prove it!   What was the history?  What spirits walked these high stone platforms? Who beat the drums?  Did menehune build the menehune pathway? I simply had to find out.
I went to the State Library and State Archives and for three years read historical tomes, Fornander, Summers, and other old books and Hawaii became a different place to me.  Every big rock had the potential of being a god stone and probably was!  Powerful kings, mighty chiefs, beautiful queens, scheming priests, human sacrifice, birthing stones -- Hawaii had it all. And the people I interviewed had experienced it -- there really were spirits out there, night marchers walked!
Thank you Chris and Oahu Ghost Tours - I'm so glad I went on that tour -- words aren't enough.

Ellie Crowe, author of Exploring Lost Hawaii, Places of Power, History, Mystery and Magic, wrote the bestselling and award winning cultural/travel book after going on a Oahu ghost tour.


OWNER'S NOTE:  Oahu Ghost Tours feels honored to have been the inspiration for this book.  Although we did not have any input into its content other than providing a tour for its author, we have reviewed it and highly recommend it as a very well written, authentic, and informative representation of Hawaii's unique culture, history, and supernatural side.  In the future we will be offering this book exclusively to our guests at a substantially reduced rate as a mahalo for joining us on our tours.  In the meantime, please support the author by purchasing at this link, or at your favorite book store.  Mahalo.

describe how much....Ellie

Aloha Oahu Ghost Tours!  My girlfriend and I took your Orbs of Oahu tour a few weeks ago.  I have to tell you that we were expecting a good ghost tour, but nothing like what we saw!  Of the eleven ghost tours that we've taken at various cities on the mainland, nothing  even comes close to this!  After our first stop, we weren't sure that we could continue we were so scared, but we're glad we did.  Definitely worth every penny!

Steven and Maria F.

Hi.  I wanted to write to let you know that your tour, Orbs of Oahu scared the crap out of me and my entire group.  I think you remember us.  My sister refused to get out of the van at Morgan's Corner.  All I can say is it looked like we had the chicken pox when we left this place, the 'chicken skin' was so major!  And Uncle Joe, our guide was great!  I think we would like to go on another one of your tours, but I'm having a hard time convincing my sister right now.   She still remembers what she saw on that first stop.


Dear Oahu Ghost Tours.  I should have listened to the person on the phone who said that the Orbs of Oahu driving tour was 'very intense'.  I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana.  We have voodoo, and other weird things here.  I've also taken most all of the ghost tours here.  I can honestly say that nothing here even compares to this tour.  I have never been so scared in my life!  The cemetery was real spooky, and that first stop we did was unbelievable.

Believe it or not I am looking forward to taking this tour again!  I will however make sure I'm wearing Depends next time.  Almost lost it a couple of times!

Rebecca M.

Aloha Joe and the rest of the Oahu Ghost Tour team.  Just wanted to drop a quick email letting you know how much we enjoyed both your Orbs of Oahu and Sacred Spirits tour!  We had never been on a ghost tour before, and were really looking for something different.  Well we found it in your tours.  We're so glad that the concierge at our hotel recommended you to us.   We highly recommend your tours to anyone wanting to experience the supernatural.   We are believers now!

Kathy and David

Pasadena, CA


Thank you.  FYI - Loved the TOUR it was great. We had a great group and tour guide. The tour was historically informative and had a lot of mystery to it. I  recommend it, especially to local folks. I am planning to take the bus tour (evening) soon. My cousin's are dying to pack up this morning and head back to downtown to explore everything (in the day light). This has been a worthwhile and educational experience... thank you for continuing the tours.


Aloha, Lani

Hi Chris,

We both Robert(Drew) and myself would love to thank you, and Uncle Joe for the best tour that will leave us to talk about for years to come.

It was so informative, exciting, listening to the history, heritage and the wisdom and knowledge that our guide Uncle Joe gave us.

We got some excellent photo's from the Children's graveyard, the beach and other places that people would not dare to go late at night.

I have attached some photo's of some orbs, please feel free to use them on your site.

If anybody I know is to go to Hawaii,  we would definitely recommend your tour.

Denise & Drew


I’m trembling just recalling the events that took place that night. But I’m taking one for the team just so you can enjoy your bloodcurdling Halloween night oh and don’t forget the heebie jeebies on the side.

I went on the Orbs of Oahu tour offered by The Original Oahu Ghost Tour with uncle Joe. He told us all these scary stories, and made us sign a waiver form just incase we’d “disappear” was he serious? I laughed in the face of fear, how naive of me. I didn’t know what I was in for, I honestly thought we’d drive around for about an hour hearing ghost stories and I’d be back in time to watch the 10’clock news. I was horribly wrong. It was a 5 hour tour, 5 hours filled with hair raising supernatural experiences which was enough to scare me out of sleeping for that night.

We went to all the spots, Morgan’s corner, Old Pali road, Chinese cemetery and many other places which I’m pushing in the back of my mind, too painful to recall. I will be honest, I did not see anything…not with my naked eye that is, but through the camera lens the ghosts definitely made their presence known. Orbs were seen in every click of the camera. But that’s not the eerie part, you could hear and feel their presence. The beating of drums in the moonless night and the sensation of cold air and hot air filling my lungs was proof that “they” were among us. There were so many times uncle Joe had to chant a prayer to protect us from unrest spirits. Thankfully uncle Joe’s heart and mind was strong enough to protect us all. By the 3rd hour of the tour, I was aching to go home, but I told myself to man up. Uncle Joe told me trust him and I did…and I survived.

So if you’re looking to sink your teeth into a plate of scary + horrific + terrifying activity well then take a bite out Oahu Ghost Tour. I dare you. Good luck.




Hi there! Thanks Uncle Joe for one of the best ghost tours ever (10/10/07)! You're right about this being the REAL DEAL! The presence of the Night Marchers really freaked me out...I felt the heat and cold and sudden thickness of air, the aroma of fragrant flowers suddenly replaced by the stench of purification, the sound of wailing and chanting as well as the sound of conch shells being carried through the vicious rising wind and witnessed your supple dark green ti leaf suddenly turn brown, withered and frayed after 2 encounters with malicious spirits. That was really inexplicable! Thanks for bringing the extra protection against the evil entities as well as the EMF detector. But I still think a ghost followed me back to the hotel because at 5:13 am I heard slow deliberate pacing and wrustling of leaves at the foot of our bed. I tried to awaken my husband (a non-believer white man) about the sound and he turned over still asleep and said,"mana" I asked him what he said and he awakened and denied he said anything . I told him that he did say something like "mana" and he rolled his eyes & shook his head.( he definitely wasn't saying "Mama" ha,ha!)

We stayed in Oahu until the 17th...all the while I was hoping to run into someone who still spoke Hawaiian  but didn't . Then at the duty free store at the airport I saw an Hawaiian/English dictionary and looked up "mana" which means "supernatural power."  Whoa!!! That was a wild  coincidence!  Mahalo for the ghost tour! -

Martiana S.

Dear Chris and Oahu Ghost Tours team,

Just wanted to pass on our appreciation for a great Sacred Sights tour yesterday. Uncle Joe and Jope made it a wonderful day.

Uncle Joe exceeded expectations with his local knowledge and genuine enthusiasm and Jope made sure we were safe and happy.

Joe made every effort to ensure we were not inconvenienced by the Seattle film crew. As someone who has worked in the travel industry for over 20 years and also previously as a guide, I am aware how hard it can be juggling a tour when film crew are present and it was handled with utmost professionalism.

My company is involved in small group adventures and responsible travel, so I very much hope that our destinations will include Hawaii one day and then I will have the pleasure of writing internationally about your great company.

I have attached a couple of small photos and please pass on our sincere thanks to Joe and Jope for making the day so enjoyable and educational.


Sue E. and Martin P.


I've lived in Hawaii for 20 years, and have heard many of the "stories" regarding Morgan's Corner, the Pali, etc. When my younger brother and his wife came to visit, I thought it would be fun to do something different. I signed us up for one of your tours. The night of Oct 22, 2007 was phenomenal. We went to the Pali, Morgan's Corner, the Heiau, the Chinese Cemetery and up by Tree Tops in Manoa. Here are some pictures I got of orbs at the Pali site and at the Heiau. I did not see these until I downloaded the pictures into my computer and adjusted the brightness.

At first, I thought it was all a bunch of hui, until the experience I had at the Cemetery site.

I stepped into the portal area at the Banyan tree. Within seconds, I felt a very small hand grab my hand and squeeze it tightly. I could sense that it was a little girl, and she was very scared. She had been stuck there in the portal for a long time and wasn't sure how to cross over. I knew I had to help her. By some fortunate accident, we happened to have a young girl in our tour who was Chinese, and spoke it fluently. I asked her to tell the little girl that I was going to help her. She stepped into the portal and while she was talking to the little girl, I was able to reach a spirit on the other side, who would help her cross over. I had her tell the little girl to wait, as she had an ancestor who would be coming for her soon. This ancestor had been looking for her, but for some reason, had been blocked and had been unable to connect. I guess through me, she was able find the path to the girl and she thanked me for assisting in her search. I left there that night knowing that the little girl would soon be re-united with her family and be able to cross over to the other side. I know this may sound like a crazy story to a lot of people, but I have always been able to sense spirits and talk to them since I was young. I do not consider myself physic or anything, I just think I'm sensitive to the spirit world, and they know when I'm around. I actually believe that my late husband's spirit was there with me last night, and it was he who found the little girl's ancestor and brought her to us. After this endeavor was over and I was back on the cemetery road, I immediately felt the spirits of 5-6 children running around our group trying to play tag with us. They were happy children who were laughing, and tugging on our clothes.

I want to thank Uncle Joe and Robert for a very unique experience. I am actually thinking of going on one of the other tours that are offered here in Oahu.

Sign me "Sensitive in Ewa Beach"



Aloha Uncle Joe and Jope


This is Mary Bingman,   The silly lady who chickened out on the Orbs tour, LOL. But I was eagerly waiting for the van to show up at the Marriot Beach Waikiki Hotel  on Sunday, October 21.2007,  a day that changed my life.


Bruddah Joe immediately made the five of us feel like we were his Ohana, his family. This was my 3rd trip to Honolulu and I had never been up the Old Pali Road to Queen Emma's Bath before. In the quiet stillness of the rainforest, Joe, with his gentle, firm, but mystical words transported through time and space to the time long ago when Queen Emma and Liliuokalani  were brought to their bath by their guards.  I could almost hear the clip, clop of the horses hooves as they carried their royal party to the beautiful spot for their morning bath.  I know that their spirits are still there today, enjoying the cool water, eternally and forever.


I had been to the Pali Lookout before, and knew of its history, but our Kahuna, our Teacher, brought to living life, the sorrow, the pain, the triumph and the shame. As you go up the ramp to the lookout, you can feel the spirits of the Oahu push against you.  Our teacher, our Uncle Joe changed Pali Lookout from just a another tourist spot, with just his simple words, he again transported us to the time of King Kamehameha.


When we reached the 3rd Heiau, in back of the golf course, I soon discovered that I was not going to make it up the hill. due to my bad knee,  No worries, kind Uncle Joe asked the nice Samoan driver to stay with me there, on the step, while I drank in the beauty and the spirit of the Aina, while my fellow travelers followed our teacher, I felt I learned so much by just sitting there and feeling the spirit around me.  After a little while, the driver and I headed back down to the van where we could wait in air conditioned comfort of the 15 passenger van.


When Uncle Joe and the others came back to the van, Joe presented me with a beautiful green mountain fern wreath that he had woven upon the sacred site and dipped in the sacred waters near where ancient Hawaiian chiefs worshipped   I was so touched at his thoughtfulness, it was one the best gifts I have ever received, He also gave me some torch ginger blossom, that softens the hair

I have dried the wreath, brought it home to Texas with me, and it will always have a place of honor in our home.


After we left there, we stopped at a heiau that was behind the YMCA, I could feel the spirit when we entered,  Joe, dressed in his Ali's red cape, reverently led up to the Heiau, telling us along short distance its history,   When we entered the site, Joe respectfully and with great dignity took his shoes off , explaining that this was a place of worship.  He took a central place on one of the rocks there, and again we were transported. It was not Uncle Joe, but one of his proud ancestors sitting there, teaching us of the heiau as we were gathered around him, eager to learn of his wisdom and knowledge  Before we left the Heiau, Uncle Joe with great dignity, and respect moved forward to the heiau , He prayed with his Hawaiian chant and I was moved to tears . I could feel the guiding spirits of his ancestors that guide his steps with love, protection and pride. Joe they are with you always protecting you with their loving kindness. Those loving spirits enfolded all of us that were with Joe that day, We were all one , we are Ohana.


All to soon the tour was over, we all so wished we could spend more time with our Kahuna , Uncle Joe ,  But his wisdom, dignity and spirit will stay with us.  I have truly felt better Mind, Body and Spirit since the day of the Sacred Sites tour, on 10/21.


Uncle Joe, We will always welcome you in our home as Ohana,  When I next came to Oahu, I will  go on the Orbs  Tour,  I trust you my teacher, my friend.


Mahalo Aui Nui

A Hui Hou

Take care and Hugs

Mary Bingman Of Bastrop, Texas

Hi Uncle Joe 

I would like to thank you for a wonderful Orb tour that you conducted on the night of Oct. 29th. 

Now that I am back home in New Hampshire I keep wondering about something. 

The last place that we were at [I can't remember what the area was called] my sister started to cry and panic and you talked to her and sent her home with some tea leaves. 

Could you please explain to me what exactly happened there?  We did capture mist in a picture we took but from what my sister told me it was as though she had something pass through her.  I would really like to know what took place there. 

I have always been very sensitive to energy and area's where there is residual energy.  I have had many supernatural experiences in my life from a very young age and I have been told by many reputable people in the paranormal field that I am clairaudient and claresentient but I have never developed those gifts. 

So if you could please just tell me what your honest opinion is as to what took place there I would appreciate it, because I did not sense any energy that would be dangerous or evil and I have had those energies around me before. 

I was also wondering if the young lady in our group who said she saw construction workers; and held the EMF reader was working with your group. 

Any clarification you could send to me would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks again for a great tour!




Recently my daughter and I visited the island and she wanted to take your ghost tour. We had such an experience. The light energy and the expressions of the orbs that we captured on film was so clear and strong.  We have never seen ghostly entities like these ever before and it is a real fascination to look upon what has become non-human form. We are so stoked by what we saw and felt that we can't wait to go on another tour or haunt again. It's an unreal amazing feeling. We just couldn't believe our eyes.


Sharon and Carlyn Johnson / Los Angeles, CA

My teenager was the one who requested we take the Orb tour. She loves to watch shows about hauntings and such.  I don't - didn't - really believe in that stuff. Uncle Joe drove us to a number of sites, and shared the history of each. Along with the other folks, I had brought my digital camera and was taking photos, but never expecting to capture any "orbs."  Was I surprised! This tour was amazing, scary, and convincing. Having returned home, I've been sharing some fascinating photos of orbs with friends and co-workers. Most cannot believe that what is on my camera is real. All I can say, is, "You would have to have been there."  I strongly recommend this tour to anybody - especially those who have never experienced the paranormal. Uncle Joe is an excellent guide, who shares a deep respect for the history & culture of the islands.  Thank you for an enlightening experience.    

Karen P., Washington State

Thank you for the fun and all the information last night. We had a great time and was able to learn so much more about the island.  Robert was our guide and we had such a good time. My son Nickolas (8) was the one that really wanted to go on this tour and pushed us all to book it, so glad we did.  I am sure Robert remembers him as my son loved to talk story with him and would not leave his side. We are leaving soon (Wednesday) to move back to the mainland. My son wanted me to ask and I forgot at the end of night- but do you have any t-shirts that we could buy for him. He asked if you had them, I didn't think so but still wanted to ask just in case.  Thank you and we enjoyed all the stories and travels.



Thanks for the great tour last night (May 23rd). I just wanted to send you folks a photo my Wife and I took at the Ulupo Heiau. You can see on the upper left hand side of the photo what appears to be the backside of a naked person, minus a head. There are also many orbs in the area as well. I zoomed in and included that shot on the same photo, on the lower right.

Anyways, if you would like to post the photo on your site please feel free. Once again thanks for the great tour, we live up on the North Shore but will return to these sites in the future.


Lee K.



Hi Joe and Robert,


My friend and I took the tour on 26 May and have not stopped talking about it. We had the best time and have lots of pics of orbs, one even of a circle of orbs taken at the rock wall! This is the best ghost tour I have taken and really wish I could have done it every night I was in Hawaii. I will definitely be back!



Susan S.


Hi there,

I just wanted to thank you for an awesome tour even in the pouring rain and allowing me to place the candies as gifts to the children in the Japanese cemetery. There is a photo where I took a photo looking over my shoulder and there are very faint large white orbs.

Thank you again,




My family took both your Honolulu City Haunts and your Orbs of Oahu Tours.  We had Cousin Joe for the first tour and Uncle Joe for the second tour.  We enjoyed both tours and had a great time.  My son was really taken with Uncle Joe after being possessed by a spirit at the Morgan's Corner stop.  The spirit had grabbed me, then rode in the van with us before leaping into my child. Uncle Joe helped him with this, got the spirit out of him, and even contacted us the next day to see if we were alright. 

Both tours are well worth the money, lots of fun and you will learn lots about Hawaiian culture, history and warriors. We have taken vampire and ghost tours in New Orleans, but this one was much better.  The stories are very educational, the spots we stopped at were dark, spooky, and sometimes down right scary. 

I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who is visiting Oahu.  It is well worth your time and money.

Thank you Uncle Joe and Cousin Joe for the great time we had.


The Ilene, Wendell and Andrew H.



My family and I took the tour Orbs of Oahu hoping for a good scare.

When we went to the dreaded Morgan's Corner,  my sister found it harder to breathe as did I.  We smelled the food that the woman was cooking before she was murdered.

When we went to see the Night Marchers, the spirit that roamed knew we were coming and he let us know he was there.

Well,  we recovered and are living our happy ghost-free lives... for now.

Thank you so much, Uncle Joe and Brother Joe.

Jamie M. (11)
Grand Junction, Colorado

Me and my husband thought your tour was great.

We went on the orbs by night tour the 30th June 2008.

I'm sure you remember us, We were the ones with the video camera. We were so amazed with what we had seen and I have attached some still shots of my video camera for you to have a look at.

We captured this on out first stop about 2 minutes into the walk. I have a video of it that goes for around three minutes.

Don't worry uncle Bob I still have your address and will send you a copy soon, as we are in the process of moving house.



To Uncle Joe, 

My wife and I enjoyed your tour last Wednesday evening.   It was as intense as you described and we felt the spirits were with us during the tour.   Following the tour and on the way back to the hotel we made sure to spread salt around the outside door of our hotel room and at the foot of the bed to wart off any spirits still hanging around.   We did not sleep well that night and thought nothing of it other than the intensity of the tour.  The next morning my wife talked about some strange feelings she had of a visitor the in the other room during the night.   The next morning a video tape of our trip was missing.  This was not of the tour but rather the whole taping of our stay in Hawaii.   It was missing and yet the door was still bolted from the inside as I made sure of it before going to bed.  We are still missing it and feel that the spirit world might have claimed it.  Have you heard of this happening before?   My wife brought the video camera on the tour along with her digital camera but felt uneasy about taking photos or videos of the spirits during the tour so she just carried them with her on the walks.   She thinks the tape might have been taken out of spite.   That maybe this was the way of the supernatural to get back at her for her thoughts of not trying to disturb them.   I really don’t know but it is the only explanation that makes sense.   I would not be surprised to one day on one of your tours to have a small DVD disc show up.    

Anyway we enjoyed the tour immensely and would take the tour again. 

Thank you! 

Steve and Kim

Chicago, IL


Hi Uncle Joe and Brother Robert,

My family and I went to the Orbs of Oahu Tour on July 29, 2008. We had a very good time. Very scared in some of the places. We took lots of pictures and got lots of activity! I would highly recommend this tour when anyone visits Oahu. We were the group that went to all of the Orbs Tour except for last part where the Warrior Assassin was at. We left the Chinese Cemetery at peace and happy, and as we got to the van it got windy/drizzling. It was about less then a 5 minute drive. It started pouring rain as soon as we got where the Assassin Warrior was at, and couldn't go far as we entered the gate. As we got into the van (the rain let up a little), and about a few feet after we left the area it just stopped raining. We all agreed in the van that it was a sign from whom ever was watching all of us that we shouldn't have gone there. We took lots of pictures and had lots of orbs and energy lights.

This tour was very professional and when things got a little too much for people Brother Robert would come and take people back to the van.

Also, when people didn't feel safe at a certain location Brother Robert would stay behind in the van with them. I don't know what else to say about the tour, but it was worth the money! I don't want to spoil to much for people who will take the tour in the future, but we would definitely do it again!

Venice, Lindsey, and Stephen


We took the Orbs of Oahu Ghost Tour on Monday January 12, 2009. It was well worth the price. Our guide was Uncle Joe; he was wonderful, knowledgeable, funny, kind, smart - a fantastic storyteller, and the perfect guide for the 5 hour trip.  We felt safe and cared for the entire time.  We loved him!  He expertly handled our group – we had an obnoxious mother-daughter team; he was very good with them.

I know that we will take the tour again, and the other two next time we are in Oahu.

Thank you for the experience.

Annie Pluto

Anne Elezabeth Pluto, PhD
Artistic Director, Oxford Street Players of Lesley University
33 Mellen Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Hey I went on the Orbs of Oahu and the experience was crazy!

As a local I went on many "ghost hunts" with my friends in high school even trying to freak ourselves out at Morgan's Corner. We never got to see anything because we would be too scared to even look around. But after this tour I will never go on another ghost hunt with my friends again! Uncle Joe was an amazing tour guide and made us feel completely safe the entire tour.

Sent from my iPhone


I just want to thank Braddah Robert and Braddah Joe for a great time last night!!  It was a birthday that my son will never forget!  I plan on taking the tour again with some friends from work!  Here are some pictures. any questions...don't hesitate to contact me!

Hope to see you folks again really soon!

Mahalo Piha!!!

My party of 5 went on the walking tour of down town Honolulu with Joe on September 11th.  We learned so much from Joe on the tour and had a really great time.  We immediately went back to the hotel to check out our pictures.  Attached picture 312 is a picture I accidentally took.  There appears to be a man sitting toward the top of the stairs.  I took two more pictures, not knowing I had already gotten a picture and there is nothing in the other two.

 While at the hotel reviewing the pictures, we found two other pictures that we believed had apparitions in them, but I’m having a hard time finding them now!  If I come across them I will be sure to forward them to you.

Thank you and thank Joe for such a great experience.  I definitely learned more about the culture and history of Hawaii than I did at any of the other activities we did, even the Polynesian Cultural Center.

 Thank you,


Hi there, 

My name is Christine & I took your Oahu Ghost Tour with Uncle Joe & Cousin Robert on 9/16/08.  I took this picture at the Hala site.  I was not able to see anything clearly at the time but when I got home, there it was.  I hope you find it as cool as I do.  The tour was great and I am recommending it to anyone who visits Oahu.


Christine S.

Thanks so much for a memorable night. My boyfriend and I went on the orbs tour Friday October 10.

We had a very interesting time, and I cant wait till I come back to do it again. (I was the lady with the cane)

Here is a very eerie picture of the couple that embraced the hugging tree. I know that there was another couple on the tour I believe from Australia who had taken the evening walking tour then did the orb tour; they took a picture at this time as well and got a very impressive orange/red orb directly over this couple. The three other pictures I took when this couple was embracing the tree had nothing on it!

Mahalo for an unforgettable tour!!!

Karen T.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spooky Sunday!

Ghost Tour of Oahu
While I was on vacation in Hawai'i, my mom and I booked a driving ghost tour. I love going on ghost tours of any city, they are usually full of history and interesting locations, and definitely leave you with "chicken skin"! I did the
San Francisco Walking Ghost Hunt with Sam earlier this spring, and in January 2007 Marcy and I took the Haunted French Quarter tour in New Orleans (so very cool, I recommend to everyone!!) However, as cool as those both were, the Oahu tour was the scariest, and the most ... well, downright creepy!

It was my mom (Wendy), my younger sibs (Dove and Fred), and I ... Nannie and Papa stayed behind, because they think ghosts are silly. We met our tour "bus" at the Hawaiian Hilton village and drove to meet the other tour members, and guides Uncle Joe and Cousin Robert. Uncle Joe reminded everyone that you have to have a strong heart and a strong mind to protect yourself- nothing can harm you that way. We were all given sea salt (to neutralize negativity) and we were off to the first stop, the
Nu'uanu Pali Lookout! Now, we had already seen the Pali Lookout during the day and it was beautiful, not creepy at all (see right). Well, except for the fact that it was the site of a terrible battle between Kamehameha and the defenders of Oahu, most of whom were driven over the side of the cliff. As we made our way up the now dark highway I could not shake the feeling that someone was watching me- you know, that prickly eyes-at-the-back-of-your-neck feeling. We were taking pictures into the darkness trying to catch orbs; in fact, my camera died after this stop, I only have a few good ones!

The second stop was one of the creepiest. It was a place called
Morgan's Corner, named after Dr. Morgan, who had a house there. His neighbor, and older Mrs. Wilder was savagely beat to death by two escaped prison inmates, possibly looking for Dr. Morgan's money. While we were walking up to the site one woman said she felt a presence on her shoulder, and Uncle Joe told people to take pictures of her. In every picture there was a large orange orb hovering on her shoulder. As we got closer our electro-meter-mathingee started going crazy. Everyone was waiting, slowly shining flashlights around the area as Uncle Joe repeated Hawaiian prayers ... and then ... we saw something! I try to keep myself as skeptical as possible, since 90% of paranormal activity can be explained away by the environment- but I'm telling you, we saw something! It was like ... a smoky, thin cloud... it was suddenly there, moving to the right, and then faded away. My mom was shining her flashlight right in that area, and we both saw it at the same time. I was more surprised than scared; and then it was time to go. When ghost hunting, you can always feel when you need to leave, and soon!

We also visited the
Manoa Chinese Cemetery, built on the single hill in a valley, where the qi of the valley collected. At the top of the hill is an old banyan tree, and is supposed to be a vortex, a portal to the other side. It was very peaceful there.

Our last stop was by far the most creepy. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name, but it was the head of a hiking trail near the cemetery. It was a spot where the much feared
Hawaiian Night Marchers travel- these apparitions are often accompanied by the sounds of drums, chanting, footsteps. We didn't see much, just shadows of people (where shadows should not have been!!) but we had a sensory experience! Imagine- it's night, in the "jungle". It's hot, oppressive, with the slightest of breezes, just barely moving the leaves on trees. Suddenly, the smell of flowers surrounds us, strongly, where there are no flowers! Then a cold breeze starts, and turns into a wind- and does not disturb any of the surrounding foliage!! We all had chicken skin at that point! People were hearing things, my mom heard someone whisper in her ear- I think I still have marks from where she grabbed my arm so tightly! The feeling at that spot was so disturbing ... we all got out in a hurry!

I have to say that it was by far my most interesting, productive ghost hunt ever.

Aloha, Oahu Ghost Tours

Thank you for letting me go Oahu Ghost daytime tour. (5hours)

It was last week Wednesday the van came to Ala Moana Hotel to pick me up ON TIME!!! ( that was amazing and I like it) I met uncle Joe who tour guide, he is very friendly, professional and good to take care of people.  He is very much Hawaiian and also proud of himself as a Hawaiian.

This tour, we can learn about Hawaiian history, Heiau, customs, and people etc...also very rich Windward side.

He gave and let us taste wild sugar cane, coconuts and taught us how to make Kukui Nut oil and let us feel that was very special. That kind experience, if we were lucky we could do it.  In PCC or any other Luau have place to have such activities but only for a few people, not for everybody.  This tour all people can do because it's a small group. (yay)

Unfortunately  we had rain so we couldn't go hiking to see waterfall.

He told me he take people to the place very secret so I think we don't have tour anything like this.

If somebody wants to do something very much Hawaiian activities, I'd recommend!!

Thank you again letting me have this wonderful experience with my parents. Thank you, uncle Joe!


Chiho Hashimoto

Ko Olina Activities & Concierge Services

To all,
Amazing tour!  This was definitely the highlight of our trip to Oahu!  Attached are some photos to use as you wish.  I had a ton of amazing photos, these are definitely the best.  Thanks again!  

A. Williams
Facility Security Officer



These are some of my photos taken on Nov. 21, 2008 at the Battle of Nu'uanu, Pali lookout.

Our driver was Robert.  We really enjoyed the tour learning about the history and such.  Robert was very informative. 

Notice the movement of the orbs on image 2558, they appear to be moving in different directions.

I had a lot of problems with my camera that night.  The batteries would die before several of the pictures were saved.  I went through many batteries that night.  This was a spur of the moment activity that we booked that morning at our welcome breakfast.  If I had known we were going to do this tour, I would have brought many more batteries with me.

I will send more pictures from that night later this week.




Dear Oahu Ghost Tours,

Thank you so much for a unique experience during the Orbs of Oahu Tour. Not only did my Mom and I capture several orbs on camera, we learned a great deal about the culture and history of Oahu and the Hawaiian people. Uncle Joe and Melissa were phenomenal. We cannot thank them enough for sharing their knowledge and wisdom with us on the tour.

My Mom and I were so enthralled with the experience that we forgot to write down the names of the places that we visited. I know that you are all very busy, but if you would mind sending me a list of the places we visited during our tour on Monday, December 29, 2008, I would appreciate the assistance. We are currently working on our scrapbooks for our visit to Oahu and wanted to write down the places we visited next to the pictures. 

Attached is a picture that Melissa took of me while I was standing inside the tree at the Chinese Cemetery. Uncle Joe and Melissa thought that there was possibly an orb in the tree at the time. Thank you again for your time, experience, and dedication to honoring those who came before. 


D. Souser 

Instructional Designer

School of Computing and Informatics

Arizona State University


Here are the pictures that I promised I would send. I took the walking tour in October. My husband and I were visiting Oahu for our honeymoon. We had a great time! We took the tour with Brother Joe and Melissa. It was Melissa's first tour and we were so honored to take it with her. All of my life, I have had an interest and great respect in the afterlife, and even though I was excited about taking the tour, as we began, a strong feeling of calm came over me. I felt that the tour was so well done, the history was amazing, and I was so happy not to just learn about ghosts, but to learn about the history in Oahu.

As for the pictures, I sent all of the ones that might have something on it. I want to let you know that it was raining that evening and I did get a lot of raindrops on my camera, but I constantly cleaned that lens. There were one or two photos that had what looked like raindrops but they looked like they floating up. I also enclosed the photos of the bird that Melissa told us was always in the tree.

I hope you all have a blessed and prosperous new year. I want you to know that my husband and I will never forget the tour and I personally feel like a different person by taking it. God Bless!

Rachel and Patrick G


Uncle Joe,

We had the most amazing time on our tour with you. We just wanted to say Mahalo!

Jody & Patrick Muldoon


Good morning,

My name is TJ and I host a podcast called "The 13 Skulls" about the paranormal. My family and I were in Oahu last week and took the Tour with Uncle Joe. He was terrific! I will be recommending this tour to everyone I know. Uncle Joe was very knowledgeable, energetic and friendly.

I have been on a few tours and by far Uncle Joe was the most genuine and the fact that he is Hawaiian made the tour and what he was telling us that much more exciting and interesting to hear.

I appreciate what you guys are doing and will be sending you the audio and photos from our tour as soon as I can get them uploaded.

Thanks again for a great tour Uncle Joe!

Have a great day and take care....

Admin and Host of The 13 Skulls podcast


My daughter and I went on the 5 hour nighttime tour.  The brochure said it would be intense...let me tell you, that was an understatement !!!  Uncle Joe did a marvelous job of informing us about the history of the Island and it's "inhabitants".  We were skeptical at first.  But, are no longer!  I could hardly believe what I saw, felt, heard and even smelled....  I have a whole new respect for the spirits.  I have to admit, at times I was scared beyond comprehension.  Kathi from Sacramento, CA


We went on your tour on 2/12/09, Thurs. night. My husband Gary and my son, Kyle (9, the boy with long hair), went as well. Kyle will always remember this tour, and especially you Uncle Joe. He can't stop talking about how much you comforted him when he felt the spirit was in him. He felt very safe with you and says you were like an angel to him.... I thank you for that.

Here are some pictures we took that night.  Job well done to both you and Uncle Frank and we all feel this was the best tour we've ever done on any trip! Thank you and God Bless!

Brenda, Gary
and Kyle Flaherty.
(Ilikai Hotel)


Hi there

My husband David and I took one of your city haunts ghost tours on Saturday 14th February with Melissa. We had a great time and thought you might like to see a couple of the photos we took in the palace grounds and graveyard.

Best wishes
Spookily yours,
Gay Baldwin

We did the Sacred Sites Tour back in October and have not stopped talking about it since!  It was a FANTASTIC day and worth every minute of it!  THANKS Uncle Joe and TwoBoy!  We will never forget you!

Nancy and Leo Letarte
Southern California

Aloha Oahu Ghost Tours!

Sacred Spirits Day Driving Tour" - Feb. 27, 2009

I had such a great time and found the tour both educational and entertaining.  Painless education I always say.  Uncle Joe really took his time to make sure we understood the importance of these scared locations and he ALWAYS showed his respects to the spirits residing there.  Not only his words but actions were communicated on how we should always respect the Hawaiian entities.  We felt privileged but welcomed at ever stop we visited.  We also learned natural healing which was very interesting to each of us whom all had some type of ailment we could use some help with.  These spots visited were certainly NOT on the maps so to discover these areas was such an honor.  I have already promoted this tour not only because of its entertainment value but because I feel (as Uncle Joe) it is sooo important to learn the history of our islands. 

Mahalo once again for such a great opportunity to “discover” true Hawaii and give our aloha to Uncle Joe! 



Aloha Chris,

Sorry not to write sooner but I've been off island. I wanted to let you know what excellent guides Uncle Joe and Wayne were in Pihana Na Mamo's recent "Sacred Spirits" field trip. They were informative, entertaining and interacted well with the students, always having their well-being in mind. The pacing of the tour was perfect , even with a delay on our part. Everyone had a great time. Thank you Oahu Ghost Tours for being so accommodating and please convey my mahalo to both Uncle Joe and Wayne.

Roxanne Yamashiro
Pihana Na Mamo
King Intermediate School


My name is Karen and I’ve been on the tour a few times, I’m a RN from California and I’m also the case manager / investigator with a group called Diablo Valley Paranormal. I wanted to share with you all something very cool! I caught an EVP that was recorded back in January on Chinese New Year’s. We were at the cemetery and one woman that had been on the tour before who lives there had a EMF detector and was getting some very strong responses for about 10 minutes.

To listen to this EVP it would be best to have head phones on and to listen to it a few times. The EVP is a voice of a male, its very whispery and breathy, as most EVP are.

Uncle Joe and cousin Joe were there as well as a young boy that was on the tour and myself and the woman with the EMF detector.

You will here she is asking questions and the EMF detector is responding as well as a male voice…

 Woman: “Do you like we are all here?”

                “Would you like us to go away?”

 Then you hear the young boy ask if it beeps for yes  etc…

There might be a quiet response “yes” in there but it was spoken over, then I talk and Joe talks…  

Woman: “Do you like me?” 

Male voice: “yes, yes very much

Woman: “Are you  a girl?” 

Male voice: “No”           

Woman: “Are you under 10?” 

Male voice: “No” 

I will back to visit 5/6 – 5/11 so I will be calling to book a tour for next Friday

 A hui hou,






I would like 2 thank Uncle Joe & cuzin Joe for a wonderful Tour last nite.  I had a great time, also I learned a little more bout our Hawaiian Island.

Mahalo Nui Loa   Laila R.  Hau'ula,  HI



I am Alvin L. Douglass, I went on the tour with Joe as our guide, I would like to post a few of the pictures from experience.   I took about 377 pictures and over 70 have orbs or other strange occurrences.  Let me know what you think.  By the way, I have taken over 5000 pictures with my camera and have never had anything like this happen.  

The tour was outstanding, I loved the stories and had something tug my shirt on the Pali.   Joe was great, his knowledge and professionalism were unsurpassed!!!  I plan on doing more tours in the future and look forward to the experience. 


Alvin L. Douglass


Attached is a photo I took when I went on Orbs of Oahu Tour on the 14th July 2009.  
It was taken at the place where the man ate the children, I can't remember his name.
We had just gotten out of the van and were standing around waiting for the last few people
to join us. So I decided to take a photo while we waited. I was very shocked and a little scared
when I saw the photo cause I was expecting to just have a photo of the pitch black darkness
that was in front of me. I waited until I got back in the van before I showed the rest of the people
as I to scared to look at it while we where out there especially when Joe made us stand in a line
and said if something touches you know that it's not anyone standing behind you.
Also I want to say thank you cause when we were at the Chinese Cemetery I went and stood in the middle of the tree and I asked for my brother who had died when he was 15 to join me. I have never felt his presence so strongly before. I will never forget that feeling and will always remember that he will always with me standing on my left side. When I got back to the hotel I rang my mum back in Australia to tell her. She was glad to here that my brother was there with me while I was on holidays without her and dad.
Thank you again for the wonderful experience.


My boyfriend and I both share a great interest in the paranormal and loved the Orbs of Oahu Tour.  I was very pleased that the tour guides were respectful and honest about the hauntings in the area.  It was a very real and educational experience.  I hope to enjoy your other tours when I come back to Hawaii. 




We did the Orbs of Oahu night tour on June 25th 2009 and it was excellent!  Very Interesting, informative and Spooky! One of the top highlights of our holiday! Uncle Joe was a great guide! We recommend doing this tour to anyone visiting Hawaii. We will definitely do this tour again when we return to Hawaii!  Thanks for a great experience Uncle Joe!

Wayne and Kacee
Sydney, Australia 

Dear Oahu Ghost Tours,

We had such a good Halloween night on this Graveyard Shift tour.

(Despite being very creeped out at times!) Uncle Joe & Joe were great and we're already looking forward to our next tour! I've attached some pictures that I hope you'll find useful. =)


Ms. N. Triolo

Cpl. O. Bailey

Took this shot on low shutter speed. This lady in the tree is the one that was taking crazy shots all night with her camera. Ignore all the weird lights because that is the low speed of the camera taking in all the lights and I could not keep my camera still. The clouds up top too are simply clouds amongst the mountain behind the tree and light bringing in through them. 

BUT…this lady kept stating that her shoulders felt heavy .At first I thought it was a dbl image because the shirt is the same. But look at the face. If you zoom in…it is not her at all. She never opened her eyes.

 The second shot is a normal shot taken 2 seconds prior.

 Thank you again.

We had a great time.

 Molly Silva-Gurrola

Hello, my mother and I took your City Haunts Walking Tour on Oct. 17, 2009 with Robert. It was amazingly informative and creepy at times (like when he talked about the malevolent spirits that sometimes call your name while we stood under the mangrove trees). I didn't experience anything on the tour, except for a wonderful crash-course in Hawaiian history, but I did find something odd in my photos when I uploaded them after we returned home. The area outlined in the picture is the lower level of the Iolani Palace, two or three windows to the left of the main entrance. If I'm ever in Hawaii again, I'll be sure to take one of your longer tours as well!




hi –

Eleven of us took the orbs of Honolulu tour with bruddah Joe (not uncle Joe) and Robert this past Friday night.  Having lived on Oahu all our lives, we never quite experienced the islands as we did that night!  We enjoyed hearing the ghost stories, we felt the spirits, and we captured amazing energy on our photos.  thank you for providing such a unique experience for my daughter’s birthday!

Tammy 12/04/09

Aloha !

My family and I went on the Orbs of Oahu tour, and we loved it ! It was so much fun and we got a lot of scary pictures. Every place we went to we had "chicken skin or goose bumps."

We'd like to thank Joe and Robert for making the tour fun and enjoyable. It was worth ever penny, and we would like to go there again.


Mahalo,George 10/12/09amily

Hi Uncle Joe,

This is Malinda Pagles from the Orbs of Oahu tour on Monday, October 12, 2009.   I don’t recall the name of the sight but do know it was where you talked about the cures for Asthma and Indigestion.  This is the one I showed you right away.  I know originally that you seen a different face than I did.  The more I look at the image, the more people I have located in the image.  There are probably 10-15 distinguished faces in this white shadow.  I can see big faces and small faces.  Some women.  One sitting and holding something on her lap like a basket and then a couple with their arms holding children.  One appears to be holding a small baby and then in the same area, there is another lady holding a very young child and you can see the child has her hands on the mother’s arms. 

I was in Hawaii for 7 nights and I have to say that the orb tour was the most exciting activity that I participated in.  I am going to send a few more pictures.  I am curious about the tree at the Chinese cementary.  I am seeing images or drawings of women on the trees in color and wanted to know if the trees were actually painted with those or if it was just the ridges in the bark that was making the images. 



My boyfriend and I both share a great interest in the paranormal and loved the Orbs of Oahu Tour.  I was very pleased that the tour guides were respectful and honest about the hauntings in the area.  It was a very real and educational experience.  I hope to enjoy your other tours when I come back to Hawaii. 




Thank you so much for an awesome tour. It was an experience I'll never forget. Robert and Joe are awesome guides. It was a very educational experience as well. We caught many pictures that contained orbs. It's funny because I never believed spirits could take on a form of orbs I went to the Birdcage in Arizona and caught orbs. Many people said it was dust or spots on my camera. However, the pictures I took on the Oahu Ghost tour only proves they are real.

Thank you for an awesome time.



I was in Oahu last week, and last Saturday I did the small tour, in the city… thank you I loved the tour, it was great! 

Watching my pictures I saw something “strange” (pics took in the cemetery)…  

Please feel free to use them if you see the same thing I saw! 

Mahalo nui loa  

Sincerely, and sorry for my bad English! 

Virginia /Geneva - Switzerland


I went on the walking ghost tour last night and wanted to share some of my photos. I really enjoyed learning about Hawaiian's rich history and our guide, Robert did a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend this tour to other locals and guest. Mahalo!

Ana Cordova

My sister and I were part of the walking tour on August 28th.  We were too afraid to look at all of the pictures while we were still in Oahu, so after uploading them back at home in Vancouver, BC....we found a few very interesting pictures so far-we played around with the contrast settings too, and found that we could see a little more in some cases, we'll include a couple different versions of the pictures.
Lastly, we wanted to say that our tour guide, Joe, was excellent.  Not only did we get the chills, we learned a great deal about the history of Oahu.  Overall, it was an amazing experience that has given us a new perspective on the afterlife.
Rummy and Vikki Kandola
Vancouver, BC, Canada


I must say the Orbs tour had to be the most "experiencing" (is that a word) ghost tour I have ever been on. I had a hard time keeping my balance at Morgan's Corner and the tree breaking and falling at Mauna trail head was enough to scare the crap out of me. I'm hoping to attach a photo though that sort of creeps me that was taken over the cliff edge at the Pali Lookout. I didn't notice it until I had gotten back to the hotel room. At first I thought it was two people in the tour group until I realized it was an "over the cliff" photo and the "people" would have been in  midair.  Great Tour!!!!!


Hello: My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the ghost tour on Wed. evening. Thank you cousin Joe and uncle Joe for the great time and fascinating discussion. We will be sending some pictures very soon. In the meantime, thank you for a great experience! Rob and Mickie Dobrusin

My husband is a "skeptic" and joked to me most of the tour, but while visiting Morgan's Corner he kept quiet.  Afterwards he said that he felt very depressed there and didn't feel like joking much.  He said he didn't like the feelings that he experienced at that site.  I was also nervous there...the hair standing on the back of my neck and on my arms, very negative energy all around.

I hope you find the photos interesting.  We had a wonderful time on both tours (we also took the walking tour, during which my camera battery would not work...I think I used it up the night before on the orbs tour).  Can't wait to visit Honolulu again.  Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

Ginger Bryant


Just wanted to send  off a picture from our tour that was First Week of January 2011, can’t remember exact date.  We were the Connors Family.  I didn’t the picture the night of the tour, once I downloaded it onto my laptop was surprised to see that to the left of the picture it looks like full view of a human skeleton lying on their back (looks like an x-ray), spine ribs & legs and to the right of picture streaks of energies.  I can’t remember which location the picture was taken at as there is no background image.  I am guessing the mound, based on the order of my photos.   My Children had their blackberries also set to ghost tracker program and during the tour my son had received a  blue Orb..with the word “William” atop the screen, immediately after the word “Boats” came up.  This came to us as a shocker & too  specific to be coincidence.  My Brother’s name was William and had passed away in a motorcycle accident in 2003, he worked with us in the family business which is Marine/Boat Sales!  The fact that it was his name & then boats that came up on the screen, almost to let us know that it was him and not a random name is too much of a coincidence to rule out as random…yikes! 

We had an awesome time & very much enjoyed the tour!   


Jennifer Connors



Hi, Uncle Joe.  Thank you, for the tour. We enjoyed it very much!  When we got home and showed our family and friends they were amazed at what we captured.  We are sorry it's taken so long to forward you pictures.  Here's a few.  Take a look at JPEG 743.  We think there is an image of a man's face in the top middle window.  Do you see it?  If you would like more pictures (specifically Orb's), let us know. 


Kevin & Lisa

 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

 you've taken our tours, we want to hear from you.  Send your comments or photographs to   Mahalo!



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