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Current Moon Phase




Ghost hunters often use the moon when searching for spirits and ghosts.  If a ghost responded to lunar cycles during their mortal life, then you can investigate increased activity at the critical moon phase nearest the ghost's birthday. Ghosts are known to be particularly active and often appear on their own birthdays, expecting some sort of party. 

Paranormal activity is known to increase on the anniversary of a ghost's death. 

Also, when a person dies during a new or full moon, sightings can increase substantially.  Visit the haunted site at that time each month, and especially at the moon phase nearest the ghost's day of death.  You may be surprised at what you find!

Everything from suicides, homicides, to aggravated assaults to fatal traffic accidents... all increase at the full moon.

The reasons why ghost hunting may improve at the full and new moons include, the ghosts anniversaries, the effects of the moon on ghosts, and lunar effects on ghost hunters.  Any one of these three can help in your search for the paranormal.




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