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Here's a sampling of photos sent to us by guests from recent tours. While Oahu Ghost Tours cannot validate or authenticate any photograph with 100% certainty, we offer them to viewers for you to draw your own conclusions.
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Camera Tips

Catching a ghost on film isn't as hard as you think.  A camera is an effective tool to use to get hard evidence that ghosts do exist.  One thing to remember though: ghosts most often appear as orbs [color chart], balls of light, or mists.  Don't get discouraged if you don't get a human-like form in your pictures. The orbs are just as good.

For legacy film operated cameras, use film of no less than 400 speed and no greater than 1600 speed.  Black and white works very well, but make sure you have a camera with a low light setting before taking B&W pictures at night.  Also, if you have an SLR camera, infrared film works well with a filter.  There are no real restrictions on the use of a digital camera.  If you do use a digital camera, be sure to CHARGE YOUR BATTERIES!  One other thing. Take lots of pictures!  One final tip for successful ghost photography.  Ask the ghost you are trying to photograph for permission before you begin taking pictures. It helps the spirit feel more relaxed and comfortable with you.  This one tactic has been used by many groups with overwhelming success.  Ask yourself this question.  Would you like it if a total stranger walked up to you and started taking your picture without asking you for permission first?

Guests: If you've already taken one of our tours and would like to share your paranormal photos with us and other guests, please email them to and we'll post the best ones on our website!  Please include the date of your tour as well as the site where the photo was taken. Mahalo.


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