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The Hawaiian Islands, and especially the island of O'ahu, are well known worldwide for their supernatural phenomenon. 

Growth and development of O'ahu over the years transformed many sections of the island to what it is today, a metropolitan/suburban city.  During this so-called progress, sacred grounds were desecrated, buildings were built atop ancient burial grounds, and roadways were constructed through rainforests that had been untouched since the beginning of time.  Roadways were also built through caves of buried and beloved ancestors.  Though steps were taken to culturally preserve sacred areas, disturbance did take place.

On our tours, guests are taken to some of the most haunted places on O'ahu, if not in all of the islands.  Oahu Ghost Tours® will take you close-up and allow you to witness firsthand these very unique places...from the much feared Night Marchers, to the places where sacrifices were made to ancient gods and goddesses of Hawai'i, and to the more modern haunts, like those of old hospitals that housed sick children during World War II...from orbs, to extreme and instant temperature changes, to anomalies that seem to have no source.  Many of these places are history by day, and haunts by night!  Our guides are some of the most experienced experts on telling the stories of these spooky places.  All stories are true, and all sites are real.  Historical and ancestral information is used, as well as eye witness accounts. 

Hawaiian ghost tours are not like the typical ghost tours you may be familiar with on the mainland or in other locations around the world.  As Hawaiians have their own way of dealing with the supernatural, you may see and witness several ceremonial events at the places visited.  These events which may include chants or other events,  are all part of the traditional protocol of asking for permission of the spirits before entering a site.  All of these events are important to the Hawaiian people and their personal beliefs.  Please be respectful of these.  Some of the sites visited may not have a particular story behind the actual haunt.  The location may be just a reputed hotspot where paranormal activity is extremely high and ghosts have made it their home for a reason that cannot be explained.

The moon and its phases also play a major role in the extent of activity that may be occurring at a site.  To see the current moon phase and to learn about its relationship to supernatural activity click here


Our newest night-time walking tour is called MYTHS AND LEGENDS OF WAIKIKI.  Did you know that Waikiki was once the home of Hawaiian royalty?  Did you also know that this tourist mecca full of hotels and nightclubs is also full of haunted hot spots and unexplained and creepy events, some that will make your skin crawl?  Similar to the New Orleans ghost walks and St. Augustine ghost tours on the mainland, this tour though conducted in the busy and noisy Waikiki is full of ghostly locations, stories, Hawaiian history and culture.  In fact, one of these extremely frightening stories was told and involved one of our very own guides in a television show from one of our former guests on the  channel called My Haunted Vacation.  From periodic sightings of the Fire Goddess Madame Pele to the Choking Ghost of Waikiki who waits for just the right moment when you go to sleep in your hotel bed to attack, Waikiki is more than just fun and tourists.  It also has a very dark side.  Our guides take you on an almost two hour walking tour of these sites to share the creepy stories associated with them.

This tour originates at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Monday nights.

$33 Adults (age 12 and up) $24 Child  (7-12 yrs) Nights: Monday's.  Tour time approximately 2 hours.  Approx. 1.5 mile walk.   RESTRICTIONS: We recommend wearing tennis shoes, comfortable walking shoes or flip flops.  No high heels.  Please note that there are periodic walks near Waikiki Beach so be prepared to get sand in your shoes! 

MEETING PLACE: Guests meet at the waterfall bridge in front of the Kalia Tower at the Hilton Hawaiian Village at 6:30pm.  This is in front of the hotel property facing Saratoga Road and Ala Moana Boulevard

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Our second tour called ORBS OF OAHU  is our very popular driving tour.  If 'chicken skin' is what you're looking for, this is the tour for you!  On this very intense and spooky tour, you'll be taken around the southern part of the island as we make dead stops at some of the island's most haunted locations of all.  You'll exit the van at each location to spend some time up close and very personal at these spooky places.  Many of these sites are modern day haunts, and many were made that way from terrible events of the past.  This tour includes a visit to the infamous and very haunted site called Morgan's Corner, made famous in countless books and tales. 

 "Amazing tour!  This was definitely the highlight of our trip to Oahu!  Attached are some photos to use as you wish." A. Williams  Facility Security Officer

$63 Adults (12 and up) $53 Child  Nights:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday nights.  Tour time approximately 4 - 4.5 hours.  Some walking is required**  Flashlight recommended. RESTRICTIONS:  Wear closed toed shoes and a light jacket on this tour.  No high heels. Flip flops not recommended.  Includes complimentary Waikiki pickups.  Pickups start at 6:30PM

PLEASE NOTE: Sites on this tour are very intense and dark.  We DO NOT recommend it for children under 10 years of age, or to Seniors or others who have trouble walking or have trouble getting in and out of a van.

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Our downtown Honolulu night-time walking tour is called HONOLULU CITY HAUNTS.  On this tour, we'll be showing you several locations in Downtown Honolulu where supernatural events are still happening today.  From visiting the former residence of Hawaii's monarchy, to the location of a terrible modern day murder, close encounters are always possible! 

"My party of 5 went on the walking tour of downtown Honolulu with Joe on September 11th.  We learned so much from Joe on the tour and had a really great time."  Thank you, Amber

$43 Adults (12 and up)  $33 Child  (Nights)Thursday and Saturday nights.  Tour time approximately 2 - 2.5  hours.  This is approximately a one mile walk, so we recommend wearing comfortable shoes.  RESTRICTIONS: No high heels. Includes complimentary Waikiki pickups.  Pickups start at 6:30PM   

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SACRED SPIRITS (Day Tour with late pickups!)

Want to sleep later in the morning, but can't miss your early pickup for your Eco Tour?  Well we have the perfect tour for you!  It's our award winning Sacred Spirits Day Tour.  Pickups don't start until 10am and you will get the best of several things in this tour.  From ecology to Native Hawaiian history and culture from your Native Hawaiian guide, and much more are included on this special tour.  For those who want to experience ancient Hawaii, from the dwelling places of the Fire goddess, Pele, to sacred places built overnight by Hawaii's legendary little people, the Mehehune, to the final resting place of Hawaii's former royalty, Oahu Ghost Tours® has the perfect day tour called SACRED SPIRITS.  On this award winning 5 hour tour, you'll visit some of the most sacred Native Hawaiian spots on Oahu with your Native Hawaiian guide.   Ecology is a surprise added bonus to this tour, as we will also visit one of Oahu's most beautiful and private waterfalls too!   Hotel pickups for this tour begin at 9am 

 "It's raw, not canned, it's authentic, it's personal" says one guest.  "It's not scripted or staged, and the Hawaiian guides add such a real value to the tour" says another. 

$59 Adults (12 and up) $49 Child  (Days) Monday, Wednesday and  Friday.  Tour time approximately 5 hours.  RESTRICTIONS: We recommend wearing tennis shoes or comfortable walking shoes.  Bring a small hand towel.  No flip flops or high heels.  Includes complimentary Waikiki pickups.  Pickups start at 9:00AM  NOTE: sites may vary due to adverse weather conditions or private cultural activity)

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* PARENTS PLEASE NOTE:  Parents should exercise their own good judgment when deciding to take children on this tour.  Some of the stories told can be graphic in nature and may not be suitable for some children.  If your child frightens very easily or you do not wish to subject them to the graphic content of some of the stories, we would suggest not taking them along.   Parents can also to elect to remain in our van at locations where stories can be too graphic. 

** Some walking is required.  If you're not able to do any walking at all, you may elect to stay in the van with our driver at these particular sites.  

PLEASE NOTE: Oahu Ghost Tours reserves the right to modify or replace any of our visited sites with comparable sites in the event of adverse weather conditions, cultural activity, or temporary closure of a site.

 While this tour is wheelchair accessible, our vans are not equipped to handle scooters or folding wheelchairs.  Guests would need to transport their own equipment on this tour.

Oahu Ghost Tours is totally committed to your safety.  Please read our disclaimer


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